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Winged Beauty

February 7, 2016

Less than one hour from my home, I was riding along side a river and snow was everywhere. I began to hear birds sing in the wind. I felt my shoulders relax and a smile form on my face as I approached a place that is known for its hydroelectric power and as a home to eagles.  I was at Shepaug Dam in Southbury, Connecticut.

As I presented my free pass (pre-registration required to prevent overcrowding), I heard that the eagles where currently on the river. Typical there are four of them....

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Porcupine in the Hood

February 14, 2016

Would you travel an hour on the coldest day of the year to meet a porcupine? My answer to this question is, “Yes”.

It was more than meeting a beautiful North American creature without the confines of a cage. It was an opportunity to learn about the species from Wildlife Rehabilitator, Radio Personality and a lover or all things Iceland, Gerri Griswald. Most know her as the "bat lady" for her wildlife rescue work and for her passion for living life to its fullest.

Gerri expertly navigated...

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That Away Feeling

February 21, 2016

                                                        Photo by Beth Auerbach

Each wolf has a unique howl. I learned this as they sang their Sunday song in hauntingly beautiful harmony.  Just an hour’s easy drive from my home I was transported to that “miles away feeling” at the Wolf Conservation Center in South Salem, NY. I was attending a lecture and a tour with a  group of solo travelers.

In a small rustic cabin in the woods, we were briefed about the wolves and warmed by a wood stove...

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February 26, 2016

When I learned that a indie pop fairytale musical was in previews Off Broadway in New York City, my immediate thought was nightcation! I nabbed a seat for “The Wildness” at Ars Nova on W 54th Street. 

I was intrigued when the cast appeared early on stage. Their costumes were beautifully bizarre. One member asked me if I'd like to volunteer to be a part of the show. I replied “yes” and off I went backstage for a briefing. 

On cue, I became a actor for a few minutes.  As a solo traveler it...

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